Maintenance goes a long way on a diesel.  Make sure to clean the engine, because it can be damaged by lingering dirt and grime.  You work hard in your truck and lots of times you are on dirt roads or even from those highway miles.   Keeping on clean fuel also gives you better fuel economy and more high performance.  Always keep tabs on your coolant oil, etc.  Engine coolant can actually become acidic.   This can cause damage to other parts. So, always check the acidity of your coolant and change it accordingly regularly.

Some of the new diesel engines have two fuel filters. If you change both filters at the same time it's better for the truck. Fuel and air filters are big factors, so it's important to keep them clean and change them when you are suppose to.  If you're working that truck make sure the engine oil is changed when it's time.  That oil keeps everything running smooth and you don't want to do any damage to that engine.  The exhaust system is important to keep maintained.   Road debris and other stuff can make that check engine light come on if you are keeping up on it.